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Welcome to the Dunbarton Elementary School (DES) Principal’s Page. It is my goal to periodically update this page to keep parents and the community at large informed about the various happenings at DES.


Owen Harrington


April 20, 2018

posted Apr 20, 2018, 7:59 AM by Owen Harrington

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone is looking forward to the April break. There is certainly an excitement level that has built up here at DES. It was a good day for us to run an evacuation drill! Students and staff handled the drill well and were very organized. All students and staff were accounted for within five minutes start to finish. We even threw some curveballs in the mix with one teacher locking down with most of her class and one student staying with Chief Sklut. This was not overlooked due to the staff’s diligence in accounting for their colleagues and students. I am proud of all members of DES as well as the Dunbarton Police Department for all their hard work in making sure students are safe.

We are in the midst of NHSAS testing. Third grade has completed the testing and did a nice job rolling with the demands of the testing. Fourth grade started their first day yesterday. Although we have a new dynamic this year with the construction, they also did a nice job with the testing. They will continue with more of it when we return from the April break.

The third-grade students will be sharing their many inventions during today’s invention convention. I am expecting some really ingenious solutions to our common, everyday problems around the house. For all of you who are able to attend, I hope you enjoy yourselves and are inspired by the various solutions the 3rd graders create.

The DES PTO put out a call for donations for Staff Appreciation week May 7-11. Donations of gift cards in small denominations for the teaching staff can be sent in with your child when we return from vacation.

Remember that on May 8 at 6:30 pm in the gym we will be hosting a free night of family fun with The Silly Laughing Musical Fun Poetry Show. We had to reschedule this show twice because of the weather, so we feel pretty safe that May won’t hold any surprises for us!

I won’t be writing to you next Friday, so I wish all of you the opportunity for some great family time this upcoming week. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or any of us in the office.


Owen Harrington

April 13, 2017

posted Apr 13, 2018, 10:21 AM by Owen Harrington

Dear Parents,

Progress is sometimes messy business. I can attest that the construction right now is sometimes loud, sometimes a bit of a distraction and is certainly a different look for DES. It is progress and it is beautiful! DES has a rich history of progress. Within the past 10 years or so you can look back and see the work done by the staff here in the areas of curriculum with Everyday Math, Guided Reading, science and social studies as well as the growth of writing. Most recently, we have had great progress in technology, writing, and math with the adoptions of our 1:1 Chromebook program, Lucy Calkins Writing, and enVisionmath 2.0. We are moving forward with progress in technology with the steady movement from Promethean Boards to Promethean Panels. Our next curricular push will be in the area of science with the review of our curriculum and following the lead of the Next Generation Science Standards.

When I go outside and see the steady development of the construction, I am reminded of all the progressions DES has gone through and am humbled by the staff’s work as well as the support of the town of Dunbarton. You are to be commended for your unwavering support of not only your own children but all children from Dunbarton as well as the town as a whole. You did a great thing this past March with the vote and I am looking forward to taking full advantage of the newfound opportunities for your students. I have attached some construction pictures to this email and hope to keep you updated on the progress from now until the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

Just a reminder, the annual Dunbarton PTO sponsored Sweetheart Dance is this Saturday. This is a dance for girls and their special someone. Doors open at 5:00 and the dance will be on until 7:00 in the evening. This is a really great event and is traditionally well attended. I hope the girls who attend and all their special people have a great night! For more information, please follow this link:

Third grade started us off this week with the NHSAS testing. Before they tested on Tuesday, I stopped by to speak with both classrooms. Both Mrs. Wicklow’s and Ms. Wing’s classes were ready to go! They seemed prepared and not the least bit concerned with the testing. This is good! Based on what I heard in our conversations, the students were excited to give it their all and then get back to their regularly planned learning. Next week, third grade will conclude their testing, and fourth grade will begin on Thursday. Please remember to ensure your children get a good night’s sleep the night before a test and eat a good breakfast the day of the test. For next week the testing schedule will be April 17th - 3rd-grade math and April 19th - 4th grade English/language arts.

Next Thursday we will have an enrichment program with Len Cabral. Mr. Cabral is a storyteller from Rhode Island. It should be an exciting and culturally enriching experience for the students. Mr. Cabral tells African, Caribbean, and Cape Verdean folktales. It will be a great experience for all involved. If you would like more information on Mr. Cabral, you can find it here: .

Next Friday, we will have our second full-scale evacuation drill of the year. Students and staff will have the opportunity to practice evacuating classrooms and meeting at our rendezvous point. We will enhance this further than our last drill by selecting specific points within our rendezvous point for grade levels to await the next step. This will provide greater organization with a fluid and fast-moving situation. At our last staff meeting, the Dunbarton Police Department provided the DES staff with six various tabletop emergency scenarios. The staff was given the opportunity to review the scenario and determine next steps with an opportunity for the police department to provide feedback. This was a wonderful exercise for us to review emergency situations and best practices in resolving said situations. We also recently had a “Stop the Bleed” training for staff. This was provided to us by the Dunbarton Fire and Rescue. With the combination of these three training opportunities and the support of Dunbarton, Police, Fire, and Rescue I feel confident we can handle emergency situations to the best of our ability until emergency responders arrive at the scene.

Just a reminder, April 20th is the start of the April vacation for students. They will have the full week from April 23rd to April 27th off. I hope those of you who are going away have a great break. For those of you like the Harringtons, who will be staying local, enjoy the break and I hope you are able to find some fun New England activities to fill the days. I hope you all have a great weekend and, as always, should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s teacher(s) or any of us in the office.


Owen Harrington

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April 6, 2018

posted Apr 6, 2018, 12:34 PM by Owen Harrington   [ updated Apr 6, 2018, 12:37 PM ]

Dear Parents,

It has been exciting here at DES. Today the concrete footings for the addition were poured! Many areas of the building are also now siding-free. Although this may seem unsightly, I see nothing but progress! Students, as they are so apt to, have taken all of this in stride. There have been many different noises and sights. The students are not missing a bit. From what I can gather, there is just a bit more to be entertained by at recess. Other than that, it is business as usual. The DES educators have done a wonderful job modeling how to politely ignore the commotion and are looking forward to the completion of the project. If you are interested in volunteering, we could definitely use your help in moving out classrooms. The more people we have volunteering, the easier this work would be. We expect this to happen one or two days after the last day of school, which is a full day on June 14. Because of the constraints of construction, we will forego the usual Field Day/Spring Fling on the day before the end of school. It will be back next year.

For those of you who will be impacted (due to childcare issues) by the end date of school this year, the decision was made at the board level that it is not feasible to provide a summer camp experience for DES students during the week of June 18th. Although this may cause some difficulty for some parents, please remember this is a very isolated situation and the likelihood of it happening again in the future is very slim. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

I wanted to remind the parents of 3rd graders that the NH Statewide Assessment System testing will begin next week. Please ensure your child has a good night’s sleep and eats a good breakfast the morning of testing. I can’t stress enough that standardized testing is certainly not the end-all-and-be-all of education, so I sincerely do not want students to stress over the testing. We just ask that they do their best and the rest will be up to their teachers and the rest of us at DES. Should you have any questions about the testing, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or any of us in the office. The actual testing days will be April 10th and 13th of next week with reading and English/language arts respectively.

Just a reminder, the Dunbarton PTO sponsored Sweetheart Dance will be next Saturday. DES girls are welcome to bring any special person they would like to be their dance partner.The Sweetheart Dance is a week from tomorrow. A limited number of tickets will be available at the door. The PTO is seeking a volunteer with a camera to take pictures during the dance. No prior experience is required. Contact the school office if you can help.

Our Artist in Residence, Marek Bennett, is selling autographed copies of his books. Order forms are due in the school office by April 11.

I hope you all have a great weekend, in spite of the snow that is currently drifting down outside my window.


Owen Harrington

March 30, 2018

posted Mar 30, 2018, 11:04 AM by Owen Harrington

Dear Parents,

Spring is certainly in the air! As such we have seen more behavior issues than normal during lunch and recess. We will address these as needed with individual students as well as during morning meeting. If you would be willing to support at home with a conversation about the DES school rules, that would be much appreciated. Our rules (created by the students) are as follows: Be Safe, Be Caring, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Honest, and Have Fun, Work Hard and Don’t Give Up.

My children and I really enjoyed the Easter Bunny Breakfast last weekend. It was great to share in some good food and good company. I enjoyed seeing all the DES students and their families who were able to make some time to come out during a busy weekend. Thank you again to the Dunbarton PTO for sponsoring this event. Thank you as well to the Dunbarton Rec Commission for calling in a favor with the Easter Bunny and providing the candy.

The next big PTO event is the Sweetheart Dance. This annual event celebrates daughters and their special person. The dance will be held on Saturday, April 14th from 5:00 to 7:00 in the community center. You can find more information here .

I was out of the building a bit this week attending a conference on Next Generation Science Standards. I am really excited for what is in store for our students. With the new science standards and the revamped teaching and learning processes, I see students’ knowledge of science and learning experiences, in general, moving forward. The inquiry opportunities students were able to use in these learning opportunities were simply exciting. I can’t wait to bring this forward where we are able at DES. If you would like more information about the Next Generation Science Standards, you can find it here .

The 2018 Artist in Residence (AIR) program is here! We are excited about our new program as students will have the opportunity to learn from a professional cartoonist who is renowned for his talent as well as his innate storytelling ability. Children today are very intrigued with the genre of graphic novels which are akin to comics. Marek Bennet is well known in NH for his expertise in this area. I am really looking forward to the various aspects of cartooning the students will learn from him. If you would like more information about him as an artist, you can find it here .

Please keep an eye out for the notice going home about ROOTS club. Students will have the opportunity to sign up to participate. Due to the construction going on there may be some exciting new developments available for ROOTS members.

The Dunbarton Energy Committee is hosting its annual energy fair on Saturday, April 7th 2018 from 9:00 to 3:30 at the Dunbarton Community Center (gymnasium). There are some really great workshops available for all in attendance. More information can be found here .

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend.


Owen Harrington

March 23, 2018

posted Mar 25, 2018, 5:54 AM by Owen Harrington

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of Spring. Although there is still plenty of snow on the ground, the temperature is certainly becoming more spring like. So much so that we were able to have a surprise fire drill this morning. If you are so inclined, ask your child how it went. I also wanted to let you know construction is in its first stages. Some equipment is on site and there has been some snow cleared to make room for building to begin. The Morin Construction Company also volunteered their service to aid in the removal of some playground equipment to make way for the new road construction. The DES Student Council along with school board member Clem Madden are reviewing new playground equipment pieces to purchase with a grant provided to us by Allstate Insurance. I will keep you updated as I know more information.

Next week things will begin to move very quickly. The side parking lot accessed by the police department entrance will no longer be available to staff and visitors during the school day. If there is no available guest parking in front of the building, people will need to park down by the community center. This is a minor inconvenience for a major improvement to DES. I, for one, can’t wait to see progress and am looking forward to parking down below in anticipation of the DES upgrades.

Your child will soon be participating in the NH Statewide Assessment System (NHSAS) testing. This is a new acronym for the previous version called SBAC. It is a very similar system as it is created by the same company that created SBAC. There are some improvements in the amount of time students will spend testing. Teachers in Grades 3-6 will be meeting with Dr. Gage (SAU 67 Director of Curriculum and Assessment) in the coming days to work on the final touches of the testing preparation. Your children will also have the opportunity to do some practice testing on NHSAS modules before jumping into the fray. Perhaps the most noticeable change comes with the Science NECAP. Traditionally this has been a 4th grade paper and pencil test. It has transitioned to a computer based test in the 5th grade and the testing time has been significantly reduced to only two hours.

The testing schedule as it stands now is as follows:

Grade 3 - April 10, 13, and 17th

Grade 4: April 19, May 1, May 4

Grade 5: May 8, May 10, May 15, and May 17 (Science NECAP)

Grade 6: May 22, May 29, June 1.

June 4th through the 8th will be reserved for any makeups we need to complete. All scheduled testing sessions will be done in the morning. Interspersed through this testing schedule, your children will also be taking their final round of STAR math and ELA. These are much quicker assessments and are local assessments. Although standardized testing can be burdensome, it is valuable to the teacher and student as it shows progress, areas of growth, and areas in need of improvement in both teaching and learning.

For all of you that are interested, the annual Easter Bunny Brunch will be held this Sunday with a start time of 11:00. The cost for the brunch is $5.00 per person. Following the brunch at 12:30, the fun continues with an Easter egg hunt. This Easter egg hunt is free, just don’t forget your basket. For more information, feel free to follow this link . The Scholastic Book Fair will be running all week. Feel free to send your child in with money to purchase books. If you are so inclined, you may also buy books during the Easter Bunny Brunch. It is also time to start thinking about the annual PTO sponsored Sweetheart Dance. The dance will be held on Saturday, April 14th at from 5:00 to 7:00. This is an event for girls and their chaperones. For more information, follow this link:

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call your child’s teacher or any of us in the office.

Have a great weekend.

Owen Harrington

March 16, 2018

posted Mar 16, 2018, 11:20 AM by Owen Harrington

Dear Parents,

Things are moving quickly now in so many ways! I can’t express how excited I am for DES, the town of Dunbarton, parents, students and DES staff. The passing of the construction project is going to be a game changer on many levels. I thank all of you who were able to take time out of your busy schedules to attend the school district meeting. Your support was much appreciated. There are many steps to take before we reach the completion of this project. I am hoping to outline them succinctly in this email.

We had our first construction meeting yesterday afternoon to discuss the timeline as well as what we at DES need to do to make this a smooth operation. First and foremost, construction will be starting very soon. Our hope is within the next couple of weeks, contractors will be onsite to begin preparation for the construction of the three-room addition in the back of the building. Safety for students was one of the major objectives of yesterday’s meeting. As such, the whole construction area will be fenced off and monitored, so students will not have physical access to the site. We felt it was important that students be able to see the construction in action at recess, so this will not be a view-blocking fence, but a temporary chain link fence. Chief Sklut was at the meeting and will be running background checks on all the contractors to ensure they are not a registered sex offender. We will also be keeping copies of IDs of each contractor on file in the office as well as requiring each contractor to wear a visitor’s badge to ensure accountability and student safety.

As the project moves forward, there will be electricians and such in the building working on various aspects of the project. These individuals will not have any interaction with students. They will also be wearing visitor’s passes identifying them as part of the project. Furthermore, as time goes on the outside of the building will be in various stages of construction. As such, it may look a bit disheveled. This is a sign of progress being made!

In order to meet the various construction benchmarks, we will need to be out of the school by June 15th (students on the 14th). Dr. Cascadden will be in touch to give you more details on how that will work. The Capital Improvements Committee will be looking for volunteers to help with moving items out of classrooms and into storage containers that will be kept onsite. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the following Google Form so the CIC will have your contact information.

Although there will be many challenges involved in this process, I can easily say, in my whole career, I have never been involved with anything this exciting. DES will be much enhanced for the 2018-2019 school year (and beyond) and will be able to provide more effective learning opportunities for students. Moreover, we will again have all-day kindergarten on a permanent basis. Exciting!

Just a reminder the PTO is hosting a magic show with Jason Purdy tomorrow at 10:00. You are encouraged to order the tickets in advance online at the following website. Walk-ins will be allowed, but the doors closely tight at 10:00 to allow for the rescheduled Town Meeting to start at 1 pm.

The PTO Reading Challenge is continuing next week. Mrs. Parzick’s class won for this past week. Congratulations to them for their efforts. Mrs. Parzick’s class has earned an extra recess for next week.

Currently, we have an enrichment activity scheduled for Wednesday, March 21. Curriculaughs was originally scheduled earlier this winter but was rescheduled due to snow. Hopefully, we won’t have to reschedule it again… Following the day enrichment, there will be a free evening performance for families from 6:30 to 7:30 in the gym, followed by a book signing. . More information to follow.

Grades close this Friday and report cards will be sent home next Friday.

I hope you have a great weekend.


Owen Harrington

March 9, 2018

posted Mar 9, 2018, 10:56 AM by Owen Harrington

Dear Parents,

Today has been an exciting day. I am seeing a lot of red, white and black or book characters walking around the halls of DES. Students are certainly excited to be celebrating Reading Spirit Day as well as Dr. Seuss’s birthday. It is always fun to see students so engrossed in their literary heroes.

Tomorrow is the big day! As we have been discussing for months now, tomorrow is the Dunbarton School District meeting. The meeting will be at 1:00 in the Dunbarton Community Center. In order for you to vote, you must be registered with the town. You must also be in attendance to vote. In my time here at DES, this has to be the most important school district meeting. (The vote to move to Bow happened the year before I started.)

There are warrant articles to be voted upon that have the potential to greatly affect DES for years to come. If you have not reviewed the proposed building project or the overall school district budget, I would suggest you review the following two sites: The Dunbarton Elementary School Building Project page holds all the information concerning the proposed building project. On the Dunbarton School Board page, you will find all of the School District Meeting informational handouts. With this email, I have also included a copy of  School Bells, the informational publication the Dunbarton School Board sends out each year previous to the school district meeting. 

All of these sources of information should answer any questions you may have. If you would prefer to speak with someone, you are always welcome to contact a Dunbarton School Board representative in person or feel free to call me in the DES office. Again, tomorrow starting at 1:00 is your only opportunity to vote on the decisions to be made for DES for next year and well into the future.

If you need babysitting, the Dunbarton PTO will be providing babysitting. If you would like babysitting and have not completed the following Google Form, please do so at your earliest convenience so the PTO has a rough idea of how many children to expect.

Believe it or not, we are barreling towards the summer months. I know this most recent storm is not helping us to feel spring around the corner, but March has a way of bringing in warmer weather as time goes on. As such, I wanted to share some information about a summer camp opportunity for your children. Joe Rider, guidance counselor at Bow Memorial School, is involved with Camp 603. The focus of this camp is to take in all that the outdoors of NH has to provide. I have attached some fliers to this email for you to review should you be interested.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or any of us in the office.


Owen Harrington

Camp 603 - Day Camp

Camp 603 - Overnight Camp

Camp 603 - Tri-Fold Flier

February 23, 2018

posted Feb 23, 2018, 3:05 PM by Owen Harrington

Dear Parents,

Please make sure your voice is heard on March 10th as this will be your only opportunity to vote on bonding the proposed building project, placing funds in the capital reserve fund, creating space for all day kindergarten in Dunbarton, as well as voting on the 2018-2019 Dunbarton School District operating budget. Should these items pass, they will have lasting effects on the DES facility as well as the education of Dunbarton’s youth. The warrant articles up for vote can be found here.

As you may be aware from Dr. Cascadden’s community updates or the communication via the Dunbarton School Board, the school board and SAU/school administration have multiple goals with the proposed warrant articles.

Goal 1 - upgrade an older and outdated facility.

Goal 2 - build another classroom to make room for all day kindergarten.

Goal 3 - provide additional small learning spaces as well as office space to make room for 21st Century Learning needs as well as a growing student population.

Goal 4 - increased security enhancements at the entrance of the school as well as a more controlled environment for those intending to gain access after hours.

These goals are a very watered down version of the School Bells publication which all Dunbarton residents will receive in the mail at the beginning of March. I have also included a link to the publicationhere. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH how important it is for you to take the time to read this information. At the very least, it will explain the rationalization of both the capital and operating budgets as well as the important proposals that have been thoughtfully and painstakingly organized and developed. I can attest to this being a long process and I have been nothing but impressed with the time the Dunbarton School District Capital Improvements Committee has put into this proposed building project. This group of individuals has given their time and strong knowledge of building plants to create an organized and responsible building plan to meet the educational and facility needs of the here and now and the foreseeable future.

The school board has organized the capital reserve budget to make sure the building project has as limited an impact tax-wise as is possible. As you may recall, the town voted in favor of setting aside funds in the Capital Reserve Fund during the 2017 School District Meeting. As such, the intention from here on out would be to set aside a similar amount of funds in coming years to make bond payments as well as having reserve funds should necessary capital projects arise. As such, the tax impact of the proposed building project would not increase compared to the current tax year. 

The increase in the number of tuition students to Bow Schools has increased. The cost of the high school tuition has also increased slightly. Based on these two tuition increases, the operating budget has increased. There is also an increase in the operating budget to cover the cost of a second kindergarten teacher as well as a second kindergarten aide.  Further explanation of the tax impact can be found in School Bells.

I would also encourage you to visit the School Board web page as well as the Building Project web page at Both pages have a plethora of information related to the building project as well as the tax impact. Your school board members are also more than willing to respond to emails or simply have a conversation with you about the various dynamics of the items up for vote. Without delving into the specifics of the vote, I am very comfortable with stating this vote is a critical vote for the future of DES. I encourage you to come out to vote on  March 10th at 1:00. All I can ask is that you vote based on what you feel is best for both the Dunbarton School District and your own personal household needs.

The Dunbarton PTO will be providing babysitting during the meeting. Please complete the following Google Form so they have a better idea of the expected number of children who will need babysitting.  

As I was researching 21st Century Learning skills to share with you in relation to the building project, I came across this video. I think it speaks to those skills as well as the spirit of the proposed building project. In viewing the video, it reminded me of the process we have gone through here as well as the goal of progress in education. Enjoy. 

As you are all aware, today is the Friday before February Break. I hope all the students are able to find some time to rest up for the curricular push that comes in the months of March and April. I am looking forward to these two months as we are able to get a great amount of uninterrupted learning done. We will return to school on Monday, March 5th.

In closing, I wish Luke the best of luck as he will be competing in the state level of the Scripps National Spelling Bee tomorrow in Concord. I know, win or lose, he will represent DES well.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or any of us in the office.

Owen Harrington

February 16, 2018

posted Feb 16, 2018, 7:59 AM by Owen Harrington

Dear Parents,

It is with pervasively confused and sad thoughts that I write to you today. I can’t explain enough how much these school tragedies affect all of us. As educators for some of us (myself included) they affect us on two fronts as both parents and professionals. Trust that during these times as a parent I understand and respect your concerns for your child’s welfare. As a professional, I am affected on a different level. I know how much I love my job and that child welfare is inherent in all that I do as well as any and all of my colleagues at DES and across the country. These tragedies touch us to our core.

What I am confident in saying is at DES we have done and will continue to do all that we can to ensure for your children’s welfare both in times of emergencies and the day in and day out stressors of life and school. As you know, we practice an enhanced lockdown procedure. We also ensure for multiple emergency drills throughout the year. Most important, we stay in contact with local emergency personnel and the town to ensure for a collective and organized response in the event of an emergency.

From the social emotional perspective, we have increased our guidance time to almost full time. I have seen the effect of this throughout this year. We are more fluid in our response to students in need and/or crisis. As a whole we are following the Responsive Classroom approach this year to ensure for not only academic success but also the creation of a community that supports each and every individual and strives to create a classroom and school community.

The next question is what can we do as individuals to counteract these tragedies? I would suggest starting at home. Hug your children as often as you are able. Check in on them. Make sure they are well adjusted and feel supported. If you are able, volunteer at your local school, coach a team, attend PTO meetings, or simply stay involved with your local community. On a larger, less local scale, contacting your representatives and expressing your beliefs may be helpful.

I would encourage you to contact the school or the Dunbarton Police Department if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s safety in particular or the school as a whole. We value your concerns and input and use it in decision making or as valuable feedback towards school improvement. We are in this with you and look forward to continuing to support your children in becoming productive and valued members of their local and greater communities.

Just a reminder, Monday is an early release day. Dismissal will begin at 12:15. Following dismissal, teachers will have a half day of professional development. The goal of this day is to move towards the completion of our science competencies. For those teams who are done with competencies they will begin the process of creating performance tasks (assessments) and rubrics to determine a child’s competency level on those performance tasks. It is exciting and important work.

I also wanted to remind you that the DES Student Council is continuing with its Pennies for Patients fundraiser. I have attached a flyer describing this fundraiser and how you can donate to it if you so choose. As a reminder, Saturday, March 10th is the School Meeting Day. This is your only opportunity to vote on the school budget as well as the proposed building project. You must be in attendance to vote. You also must be registered to vote in order to vote on the items. Please contact the town in order to become a registered voter. Please feel free to contact your school board members or any of us in the school if you have any questions.

Next week is also DES Spirit Week. The following is the list of Daily Dress-ups:

Monday:       Crazy Hair/Crazy Hat 
Tuesday:      Sports 
Wednesday: Red, White and Blue
Thursday:     Mismatch/Mixup 
Friday:           Class Colors
Kindergarten: Orange
First:              Blue
Second:         Green
Third:             (excused, because it’s Charlotte’s Web Day)
Fourth:           Red
Fifth:               Yellow
Sixth:              Black/White

Finally, next Friday, February 23rd is our last day of school before the February break. DES will be out from February 26th through March 2nd. Students and staff will return on March 5th.

I wish you all a restful weekend. It certainly looks to be a brighter couple of days. I am hoping you will have some quality time with friends and family.


Owen Harrington

February 9, 2018

posted Feb 9, 2018, 9:50 AM by Owen Harrington

Dear Parents,

We are coming to that time of year when time starts to move very quickly. I don’t know if you are noticing it, but it is becoming more and more clear to me. Winter activities have closed and we are moving ahead in the middle of the latter half of trimester two. It is full steam ahead to February Break. This is an exciting time in that we are able to make a strong, consistent push of uninterrupted student learning in the classrooms and the school as a whole. Once we return from our February break, it will be more of the same through the months of March and April.

I wanted to say thank you to those of you who braved the elements on Wednesday night to attend the Dunbarton School District Bond and Budget Hearings. I feel the Dunbarton School Board did a great job reviewing the proposed building project as well as the accompanying proposed bond. Moreover, the presentation itself was extremely informative and eye-opening for those in attendance. The budget was also reviewed and it was clear to those in attendance the budget goals of the school board. If you were unable to attend, the school board will hold an informational session on Monday, February 12th at 6:00. They will be reviewing the proposed building project, the proposed bond as well as the 2018-2019 budget. If you are still unable to attend the information session, a slideshow of the presentation can be found here. It will be more beneficial to attend the information session so you can ask any clarifying questions you may have.

Again, I cannot encourage you enough to attend these sessions so you are aware of what the building project entails, the improvements that could be made and what your tax dollars would be going towards. It is also important for you to attend the annual Dunbarton School District Meeting which will be held on Saturday, March 10th at 1:00 in the community center. This is your opportunity to vote on both the budget and the building project. You must attend the meeting in order to cast your vote. Please make sure you are registered to vote in the Town of Dunbarton by March 3.  You can register in the Town Clerk’s office or at the next meeting of the Supervisors of the Checklist. The phone number for the Town Offices is 774-3547.

We are in the middle of our annual Pennies for Patients fundraiser that is organized by the DES Student Council. For more information on the fundraiser, please refer to this flier. There will be a PTO Meeting on Thursday, February 15th at 6:30 in the DES library. I also wanted to remind everyone that classrooms will have their Valentine’s Day parties on February 14 starting at 1:45. Students will have an activity, a water, and a healthy treat. Students will also exchange Valentines with their classmates. It should be a good time.

The Family Fun Poetry Night has been rescheduled to Wednesday, March 21st. A flier reviewing the event can be found here. I also wanted to share a link to the most current lunch menu. As a reminder, the lunch menu can always be found under the Parent tab of the school website.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or any of us in the office.


Owen Harrington

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