Welcome to the new and improved Dunbarton Elementary School Website!

We have consolidated and streamlined the information you will find on our website, while also simplifying the format considerably. Hopefully you will find it much easier to access the information you are looking for, as well as being able to access the resources and contacts across the district.

In many respects, our website improvements reflect a variety of innovative 21st century changes that are transforming Dunbarton Elementary School. These include Infinite Campus, a student information system that will create student and parent access through the portal; and digitized Curriculum Mapping, which articulates and aligns our curriculum with NH State Standards and Competencies. Ongoing, and constantly evolving. professional training accompanies all these technological upgrades so that we are able to effectively integrate technology for our 21st Century Learners. As we immerse our school in Google Apps for Education (GAFE); Blended Instruction and multiple, alternative paths to teaching and learning; as well as the expansion of bandwidth, enabling greater internet access to students, parents, and faculty throughout the district, you will see how technology can compliment and support the quality education of Dunbarton students.

Our goal is that these innovations and improvements will lead to improved teaching and learning, and will also strengthen communication between school and the community. We also believe that great schools continue to strive for continuous, ongoing improvement, and we welcome your feedback and involvement.

Thank you! We’re looking forward to another great year at Dunbarton Elementary School!