Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the school nurse do?

Thanks for asking! Known to the students as Nurse Emily, I do a variety of things. If students are sick or injured, they can come to the nurse's office for assessment and treatment. I also respond to urgent medical needs throughout the building when necessary. I am a member of the student's team, managing chronic illnesses or altered health needs, consulting with teachers and specialists as needed, and am a general advocate for the health of all students and staff.

I also have the incredible opportunity to teach health lessons to each class every other week. This is such a fun opportunity to give our students some early health education. We learn about things like illness prevention, basic body anatomy and physiology, and ways to make ourselves the healthiest versions of ourselves we can be, inside and out.

2. What do I do if my child needs to take medication at school?

  • Daily medication - The medication administration permission form must be filled out and signed by the physician and the parent. Please remember that an adult must bring in any medication and that all medication must be in the original bottle.
  • Please have the doctor write a note for school and have the pharmacy give you an extra container when on short term medications such as antibiotics.
  • Over the Counter Medication - There are some over the counter medications kept in the nurse's office. Please fill out and return the form each fall. Students can only receive these medications with an up to date form.
  • Emergency Medications (such as inhalers, epi pens, diastat, and glucagon): The same medication administration form will need to be filled out. If your child's doctor feels it is appropriate to have your student carry his or her own medication, please have them write a note stating this.

3. When does my student need to stay our of school?

Students must be fever free without intervention (medication) for at least 24 hours before returning to school. The same goes for vomiting and diarrhea, 24 hours afte rthe last episode before returning. If your child has been started on antibiotics, they must be out for 24 hours after these have been started. Please consider keeping your child home if they are coughing constantly, have severe cold symptoms, or are just plain old feeling sick.

4.What does my child need for health documentation to start school at Dunbarton Elementary School?

Per NH state law, all students are required to have a physical within 1 year of enrollment date, as well as up to date vaccines. The required immunizations can be found at . We also ask that you fill out the health history form, as well as a yearly update.

5. When should I call the school nurse?

Please call me anytime! If your child is sick or injured, please call so I can keep track of our school census, as well as make sure we are providing the necessary environment for them when they return to school. Knowing who has what symptoms allows me to track our overall health trends. If they are injured, I will need to know to make accommodations for them and alert any staff that needs to be aware.

Please never hesitate to reach out! You can call me at 774-3181 extension 205, or email me at