Ms. Lara Routhier

Guidance Counselor

Phone: 774-3181, ext. 232

The primary goal of the guidance program is to promote and enhance student learning through three broad interrelated areas of student development:

  • Academic development

  • Career development

  • Personal/ social development

These three areas have specific proficiency standards and student competencies for different grade levels. These are written in the SAU 19 Career, Guidance and Counseling Curriculum, which establishes goals, expectations, opportunities, and experiences for all students. School counselors in SAU 19 are actively committed to helping students understand that the choices they make will affect their educational and career options.

As student advocates, school counselors participate as members of the educational team. They consult and collaborate with teachers, administrators, and parents to assist students to be successful academically, vocationally, and personally. They create a caring atmosphere in which children’s needs are met through prevention, early identification and intervention.