December 15, 2017

Post date: Dec 15, 2017 6:35:35 PM

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone has been enjoying the frigid weather. The current weather pattern is certainly problematic for recess and getting students outside. I am sure you are aware that our practice is to have students stay in if the “real feel” temperature drops below 20 degrees. Unfortunately, that has been the case the past three days. To try to alleviate this situation, we do bring a grade down to the gym to get more activity rather than simply staying in the classroom. With that said, please remember to send your child(ren) to school with the appropriate winter clothing so they can play in the snow if and when we make it outside. The appropriate clothing would be a hat, gloves/mittens, boots, jacket and snow pants. If a child does not have this, they will need to stay on the blacktop so they are able to stay dry.

As we are making our way towards the holiday break, the excitement level in the school is growing. This is certainly an exciting time for children! Please remember if you are sending in food for the holiday party, you need to get in touch with Mrs. Hast to ensure for it meeting the expectations of our wellness policy as well as not containing any allergens that could be problematic in some classrooms. The holiday parties will kick off at 1:15 on the 22nd. The 22nd is also a Wear Your Pajamas day. I have yet to convince students that I wear a shirt and tie as pajamas, but there is still hope. Please note that the 22nd is a full day of school.

When we return to school on January 2nd, the next day (January 3rd) will mark our first day of the Pat’s Peak skiing program. Due to the college schedule our winter activities program we do in conjunction with the New England College Outdoor Studies students will not begin until the following week on January 10th. For those students staying back and participating in the winter activities at DES, we will have similar activities from last year, with a few new additions. I will give you a more detailed update closer to the date.

I don’t foresee me emailing out on the 22nd, so if that is the case I do wish you and yours happy holidays and I hope you are able to spend time with friends and family.


Owen Harrington