December 9, 2013

Post date: Mar 31, 2014 6:54:31 PM

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family. It certainly is a busy time of year with the holidays right around the corner. The excitement is palpable here at DES. Our most recent winter snow storm has ratcheted up the excitement to that next level, so the students are rosy cheeked and excited to learn. I would like to thank the Goffstown Truck Center for their safe transportation during the morning commute. They handled it well and the students all arrived safely.

On Friday while the students had the day off, the teaching staff at DES was immersed in professional development. To start our day off, we had some coffee to prepare for the busy day ahead and then jumped right into Everyday Mathematics. In a joint effort with Goffstown SAU and teaching staff, Robin Gagne and former DES teacher, Leann McCormack, worked together to create binders that organize Everyday Mathematics to meet the demands of Common Core. We introduced the binders on Friday and the teachers were excited to see how they worked and how to utilize the new organization structure.

Following this introduction to the binders, teachers were given the opportunity to compose the day based on their own needs. I can’t begin to explain how impressed I am with the dedication the staff at DES continues to display. Some of the projects teachers chose to tackle were updating their guided reading instruction with Linda Cammarota (reading specialist), working on Student Spotlight, preparing for iPad integration into the classroom, meeting with administration, reviewing student scores on literacy assessments, continuing to streamline social studies curriculum, researching the feasibility of utilizing Chromebooks as a learning tool and various other projects. The day was certainly put to good use.

On a personal note, it was a busy weekend for the Harrington family. We made our annual trek to cut down and decorate our Christmas tree on Saturday. As always, this is an exciting and invigorating time of the year for me since I am able to relive Christmases past, through my children’s eyes. To close out such a great weekend, my wife and I brought our sons to the Dunbarton Congregational Church holiday concert. This concert was the perfect closing to our weekend. As always, the community culture at Dunbarton continues to impress me. What a talented group of performers and such a supportive community cheering them on. I also loved having the opportunity to see some of the DES students in a different venue sharing their talents with the community. Not to mention Dunbarton Elementary School’s own Dan VK displaying his talents as a musician, event organizer and supportive community member. It was the perfect end to our pre-holiday weekend. It was abundantly clear to me that everyone in attendance left in the holiday spirit.

In closing, I wish you and yours the best and hope you are faring well since we are in the midst of our first winter storm of the season.


Owen Harrington