February 10, 2017

Post date: Feb 10, 2017 7:25:48 PM

Dear Parents,

What a disjointed week! With all the snow we have had as of late, it has been an interesting week with two snow days and a delay. I can say the students and teachers have hit the ground running and we’re right back to the task of teaching and learning today. As I visited classrooms, students were on task and seemed glad to be back at work. Unfortunately, at this point it is looking like we are anticipating more snow this weekend into Monday. Let’s hope we can make it in for Monday.

As we move forward into next week, I wanted to remind everyone of the upcoming Valentine’s Day parties. If you are bringing in any treats to share with the class, please make sure to check in with Mrs. Hast to ensure for no allergy issues in your child’s classroom.

Unfortunately, we are still trying to solidify dates for our STAR training. It looks like we will be at least two weeks out before we will be able to send those scores out. We appreciate your patience as we learn more about the program and how to use its data.

The PTO is hosting its second movie night at 5 pm on February 18. They will be showing Star Wars:The Force Awakens. As always the movie is free, and you can find the pizza order form here.

As we move into next week, I wanted to remind you that Monday, February 20th is an early release day as staff will be using the second half of the day for professional development.

What an opportunity the New England Patriots gave all of us this past Superbowl! During our last faculty meeting we discussed a little about grit and how it is so beneficial for students to develop grit. The main facet of grit is simply students developing a sense of “sticking with it” until they reach their goal. As educators, we strive to develop grit within our students. It is clearly seen when students are working hard on a math problem and can’t seem to “crack the code” or when they have a long term project with no real end in sight. Another way to look at it is to never allow your child to say, I’m not good at (fill in the blank). Another way to put it is to allow him or her to say I need to work harder on (fill in the blank) so I can get better at it. I would encourage you to foster grit in your children whenever you can as it will only help them in future years. Who knows, maybe you have the next Tom Brady in your household who will lead his or her team back from 25 points with no victory in sight. This was certainly a life lesson for all of us. If you would like to see the video we referenced at our staff meeting, it can be found here.

I hope all of you have a great weekend and are able to take some time to enjoy the snow with your family.


Owen Harrington