June 1, 2018

Post date: Jun 1, 2018 5:33:40 PM

Dear Parents,

Welcome to June! We are entering into one of the more stressful/exciting months for schools and students alike. We have an ever-shrinking window of time to make those last curricular pushes. Students are excited to enter into the summer months and enjoy their newfound freedom. With these two forces in juxtaposition, there is generally an uptick in behavior. June 2018 is no exception. The excitement is palpable and the students are barely able to contain it. It is fun and something to try and contain all at once.

We are almost complete with NHSAS testing. Next week, sixth-grade will only have to take their reading and math sections. Overall, given the circumstances with a new testing instrument and construction all around the building, the testing season has gone well. Initial scores look good and are giving us positive feedback on our programming/student learning. It is important to remember, as with all standardized testing, this is only a snapshot of a child’s abilities and it far from defines anyone. We realize that and treat it as such.

6th graders will be going on their annual overnight field trip to the Boston Museum of Science this upcoming Thursday and Friday, June 7th and 8th. This is always a great opportunity for students to learn more about their regional history as well as to take in some sights and learn some great science. It is certainly an exciting and valuable experience for our 6th graders.

We will be embarking on a new district-wide tradition on June 7. The graduating seniors from Bow High School will parade in cap-and-gown through our school building--all 165 of them! Our students will be able to high-five the seniors as they pass through the halls.

Thank you to Brandon Skogland and the rest of the Dunbarton Rescue Squad/Fire Department as they have been instrumental in helping us with providing tourniquets, bandages, and other items to aid in the event of an emergency. Although it is not something we like to think about, it is important to make sure we are prepared. Thank you to Mr. Skogland and the rest of the Dunbarton emergency services for their support of the safety of DES staff and students.

As a reminder, due to construction restraints, we do not have a spring fling/field day this year. We do have our annual step-up day which will be held on our last day of school, June 14th. Students will learn about their new class and teachers at 1:00 on that day. Just a reminder the last day is a regular, full day of school.


Owen Harrington