March 10, 2017

Post date: Mar 11, 2017 7:24:07 PM

Dear Parents,

It is good to be back and moving ahead in our school adventures! The students came back in a fervor ready to learn and grow as individuals and a collective. Exciting to see. It was also nice to see students and staff refreshed and ready to move forward. Last year at this time I emailed you about our family adventure tapping maple trees and boiling the sap to make syrup. We are so excited to be doing this at the school level with Mr. Ralph Fellbaum at the helm. Our kindergarten and 6th grade classes are working with Mr. Fellbaum to collect and boil sap as well as to learn about the process. The 6th Grade has been mentoring the kindergarten students. It has been nothing less than a joy to see the students involved in such a New England phenomenon. Good stuff!

I cannot encourage you strongly enough to attend tomorrow's Annual Dunbarton School District Meeting in the Dunbarton Community Center at 3:00. Babysitting will be provided. My understanding is we will have a plethora of high school students looking to earn their community service hours as babysitters. With this in mind, your children will be broken into small groups with games, activities, snacks and movies available. This is an important meeting in that your voice needs to be heard. I also need to stress that this meeting is all school based. Everything discussed and voted on at this meeting will have a direct impact on your child’s school experience now and in the future. All the materials that will be reviewed can be found here and here as well as in your town report.

We will not have school on Tuesday due to town voting. With that said, there are two school board seats open with three candidates. A "Meet the Candidates Night" was hosted by the Dunbarton PTO last week. Here is a link to the video. Voting will take place in the community center from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. Directly following voting (at 7:00 pm) the Town Meeting will be held. At this point in time the town budget will be discussed and voted on.

During the day on March 14th, staff at DES will participate in professional development activities. The classroom teaching staff will be participating in an enVisionmath 2.0 training focused on problem solving. This will be a great opportunity to further fine tune our delivery of this program.

The DES PTO wants you to know that this coming Monday, March 13, is the last day to send your ticket order in for the "Boys Day Out" event on the 18th, but that after that, you can still purchase tickets online through the PTO website. Also, the PTO Fundraiser packets are due back this Monday.

The Dunbarton Historical Awareness Committee (DHAC - a town committee dedicated to fostering an appreciation of Dunbarton's unique history) is the organization that provides monthly newsletters to the staff and students at DES. This month's article is about Women's History month, and can be accessed here. The DHAC is also responsible for bringing historical artifacts to school for the students to explore, as well as helping with the 3rd Grade Gingerbread Project and various artist residencies. We are so grateful for the involvement of these community members who keep Dunbarton's history alive for our students!

In closing, I wanted to take a moment to thank Deb Foster for her 13 years of service to the Dunbarton School Board. Mrs. Foster was a strong proponent for education as well as the town of Dunbarton. Tomorrow will be her last meeting as a Dunbarton School Board member. Her service will be missed and I know you join me in thanking her for her years of service to the town as well as the children of Dunbarton.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible tomorrow at the school district meeting. Again, the meeting is at 3:00 in the community center and babysitting will be provided.


Owen Harrington