March 14,2016

Post date: Apr 1, 2016 5:28:50 PM

Dear Parents,

What a difference a week and a supportive community makes! Although every day is great at DES, there was a certain excitement in the air last Monday following the School District Meeting.Thank you to all of you who were able to make it to the School District meeting this past Saturday. Thank you as well to all of you who were there in spirit. Based on the results of the voting, the following is included for the 2015-2016 school year:

New Teachers’ Contract for 2016-2019

All Day Kindergarten (Conditional)

Teacher Mentoring Program

Stipends for Clubs

Chromebooks for 5th grade

Instructional Materials for Reading Program

New Flooring for First Grade Classrooms

Increased Guidance Time

Art Display Case

New Phone System

By having the Dunbarton community support these investments, DES will continue to look at where we can find areas to improve and move forward. Each of these items will work towards this goal and ultimately each student will reap those benefits. Equally as important, the Dunbarton School Board, SAU administration and school administrators and staff were able to make these great gains while being fiscally responsible throughout the process. This is always a great balance to achieve.

I also wanted to briefly mention that we are seeing a definite uptick in the use of Pokemon, sports and other gaming cards among the students. You may want to limit your children bringing those to school should there be any valuable cards in their collection. Sometimes this can bring about some conflict among students when they are trading cards and such. As of late, I have had to become involved in mediating some concerns with such scenarios. My advice is to save yourself the trouble and they can conduct trading transactions outside of school.

I am going to use the remainder of this email to share some information with you from Dr. Cascadden, the Bow High School Media Club, Dr. Gage and Mrs. Hast.

Dr. Cascadden was excited to share the following information concerning the Alex Higgins Space Camp Scholarship Program offered by the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium. According to information he received from Jeanne T. Gerulskis, the Executive Director of the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium, all NH residents ages 9 - 18 are eligible to apply. They choose three young people each year for five days of immersive simulated astronaut or pilot training at the U.S. Space and Rocketry Camp in Huntsville AL. The scholarship covers the full cost of housing,meals and tuition; travel costs are not included. The deadline to apply is April 1; the awards will be announced at their annual family aerospace festival (Saturday, May 7).

This program was started in 2001; this year, they’ll be sending their 50th award winner to space camp! Applications can be downloaded from their website,; there's a link right on the home page. An exciting opportunity for sure!

The Bow High School Media Club would like to share some movie night information with Dunbarton families. The Bow High School media club will be holding a FREE Family Movie Night on March 25 from 6-9 in the BHS auditorium. They wanted to be sure and extend the invitation to all our Dunbarton students and their families. The following flyer includes all the information you will need:

The following is information from Dr. Gage concerning some some survey information that will be arriving very soon:


As part of our process of collecting feedback from stakeholders our family survey will open March 23, 2016.

What you can expect:

-You will receive an email from Panorama Education with "Request for your Feedback: SAU 67 Family Survey" in the subject line.

-The email will be sent on March 23, please check your spam folder if you do not receive an email.

-The email will include a link to a confidential survey(s)

-You will receive one survey per school in which you have a child enrolled.

-Once you have submitted your survey(s) the link will become inactive.

-The survey window will open on March 23 and close April 6, 2016.

More specific information will be included in the email you receive.

You can view a draft of the survey at:

If you have questions please email Don Gage, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, SAU 67

Update from the Nurse: I continue to see pockets of various illnesses here at DES: colds, "stomach bug" and now an increase in Influenza-like Illness (fever over 100 degrees fahrenheit, sore throat and/or cough). I want to thank parents/guardians for keeping me in the loop with "what is going around". I also want to thank you for keeping your child(ren) home when ill. It really helps keep things from spreading.

As a reminder, the 24 hour rule seems to be effective. This means your child should be symptom free (ex no vomiting/nausea) for 24 hours before returning to school. If your child has a fever, he/she should be fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication. (Check those multi symptom medications as many contain acetaminophen). Of course, please be sure your child is ready to participate fully in the school day before returning. It is a long day for a child that does not feel well.

One parent asked if water bottles were allowed. Yes! Please send a labeled water bottle daily. It is so important to stay hydrated, and water will help with many symptoms such as stuffy noses and scratchy throats. In my opinion, a water bottle is a better option for many reasons than using the classroom bubbler.

Continue to remind your child to wash hands before eating and after using the bathroom. Soap, water and friction for 10-15 seconds is the most effective way to reduce the spread of germs. I often have to remind students not to wash the soap off right away but rather create a foamy lather. Please reinforce this at home.

As always, please give me a call at 774-3181 ext 205 with any questions, concerns or updates. Your children are important to me!

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the almost spring weather as it was such a nice, sunny weekend.

Owen Harrington