March 30, 2018

Post date: Mar 30, 2018 6:04:33 PM

Dear Parents,

Spring is certainly in the air! As such we have seen more behavior issues than normal during lunch and recess. We will address these as needed with individual students as well as during morning meeting. If you would be willing to support at home with a conversation about the DES school rules, that would be much appreciated. Our rules (created by the students) are as follows: Be Safe, Be Caring, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Honest, and Have Fun, Work Hard and Don’t Give Up.

My children and I really enjoyed the Easter Bunny Breakfast last weekend. It was great to share in some good food and good company. I enjoyed seeing all the DES students and their families who were able to make some time to come out during a busy weekend. Thank you again to the Dunbarton PTO for sponsoring this event. Thank you as well to the Dunbarton Rec Commission for calling in a favor with the Easter Bunny and providing the candy.

The next big PTO event is the Sweetheart Dance. This annual event celebrates daughters and their special person. The dance will be held on Saturday, April 14th from 5:00 to 7:00 in the community center. You can find more information here .

I was out of the building a bit this week attending a conference on Next Generation Science Standards. I am really excited for what is in store for our students. With the new science standards and the revamped teaching and learning processes, I see students’ knowledge of science and learning experiences, in general, moving forward. The inquiry opportunities students were able to use in these learning opportunities were simply exciting. I can’t wait to bring this forward where we are able at DES. If you would like more information about the Next Generation Science Standards, you can find it here .

The 2018 Artist in Residence (AIR) program is here! We are excited about our new program as students will have the opportunity to learn from a professional cartoonist who is renowned for his talent as well as his innate storytelling ability. Children today are very intrigued with the genre of graphic novels which are akin to comics. Marek Bennet is well known in NH for his expertise in this area. I am really looking forward to the various aspects of cartooning the students will learn from him. If you would like more information about him as an artist, you can find it here .

Please keep an eye out for the notice going home about ROOTS club. Students will have the opportunity to sign up to participate. Due to the construction going on there may be some exciting new developments available for ROOTS members.

The Dunbarton Energy Committee is hosting its annual energy fair on Saturday, April 7th 2018 from 9:00 to 3:30 at the Dunbarton Community Center (gymnasium). There are some really great workshops available for all in attendance. More information can be found here .

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend.


Owen Harrington