March 9, 2018

Post date: Mar 9, 2018 6:56:30 PM

Dear Parents,

Today has been an exciting day. I am seeing a lot of red, white and black or book characters walking around the halls of DES. Students are certainly excited to be celebrating Reading Spirit Day as well as Dr. Seuss’s birthday. It is always fun to see students so engrossed in their literary heroes.

Tomorrow is the big day! As we have been discussing for months now, tomorrow is the Dunbarton School District meeting. The meeting will be at 1:00 in the Dunbarton Community Center. In order for you to vote, you must be registered with the town. You must also be in attendance to vote. In my time here at DES, this has to be the most important school district meeting. (The vote to move to Bow happened the year before I started.)

There are warrant articles to be voted upon that have the potential to greatly affect DES for years to come. If you have not reviewed the proposed building project or the overall school district budget, I would suggest you review the following two sites: The Dunbarton Elementary School Building Project page holds all the information concerning the proposed building project. On the Dunbarton School Board page, you will find all of the School District Meeting informational handouts. With this email, I have also included a copy of School Bells, the informational publication the Dunbarton School Board sends out each year previous to the school district meeting.

All of these sources of information should answer any questions you may have. If you would prefer to speak with someone, you are always welcome to contact a Dunbarton School Board representative in person or feel free to call me in the DES office. Again, tomorrow starting at 1:00 is your only opportunity to vote on the decisions to be made for DES for next year and well into the future.

If you need babysitting, the Dunbarton PTO will be providing babysitting. If you would like babysitting and have not completed the following Google Form, please do so at your earliest convenience so the PTO has a rough idea of how many children to expect.

Believe it or not, we are barreling towards the summer months. I know this most recent storm is not helping us to feel spring around the corner, but March has a way of bringing in warmer weather as time goes on. As such, I wanted to share some information about a summer camp opportunity for your children. Joe Rider, guidance counselor at Bow Memorial School, is involved with Camp 603. The focus of this camp is to take in all that the outdoors of NH has to provide. I have attached some fliers to this email for you to review should you be interested.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or any of us in the office.


Owen Harrington

Camp 603 - Day Camp

Camp 603 - Overnight Camp

Camp 603 - Tri-Fold Flier