May 4, 2018

Post date: May 4, 2018 4:47:56 PM

Dear Parents,

What a difference a week makes! Just last night I was in a lawn chair in shorts and a t-shirt with sunscreen and bug spray on watching my 10-year-old son pitch in his first baseball game of the season! Besides the black flies, it was a very welcome change. He did great by the way. He was a regular Papelbon closing out the game not allowing any runs and throwing the heat! Showing my age and my bias with that reference…

We are seeing an uptick in students walking and or riding bikes to and from school. This is a great thing! I would encourage students to time out their rides or walks to ensure they arrive at school between 7:35 and 7:50. We have some students arriving pretty early. No real worries other than they are stuck in the chairs outside the office until 7:35. Their time is probably better spent elsewhere. Students are welcome to leave their bikes down below under the overhang by the gymnasium. I would encourage them to bring a bike lock of some sort to lock their bikes while in school. I don’t foresee any issues without, but you can never be too sure.

By the end of today, we will be halfway completed with our NHSAS testing. Students in fourth grade will be taking their last test today. Students in fifth grade will begin testing on Tuesday with their English/Language Arts test. As always, I would encourage students who have testing to make sure they get a good night’s rest, eat a good breakfast, bring a healthy snack and above all else, don’t stress. This has been the major focal point when I am speaking with students about testing. This should not be a stressor for them. It is a tool for us to determine how well students are learning with the methods we are using. There is enough stress in life as it is; we don’t want to add any more to it with standardized testing. I would encourage you to use the same logic with your children. My thought is as long as they try their best and don’t stress, I am willing to bet we will see much better results than if they try their best and do stress. Not to mention that it is far healthier for them to not be stressed over a few hours in their lives.

I also wanted to share a few reminders for your calendars. Tuesday, May 8th is a poetry night. This is a free event for families and is directly connected to the enrichment program we are offering for students that day called Curriculaghs. For more information on the program, feel free to follow this link . Dunbarton Arts on the Common will be held on Mother’s Day weekend, May 12 and 13, from 10-4 each day. Over 50 juried artists and craftspeople will be there, as well as live music and food and drink. The Dunbarton Police Department will be hosting a Bicycle Rodeo in the DES Community Center parking lot on Sunday, May 27th from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. This sounds like a pretty exciting event with the following description: Between the Dunbarton Fire Department, Dunbarton PTO and the Dunbarton Police Department, we’ll have folks posted around a skills and agility course. We’ll be passing out free multi-sport bicycle helmets and bicycle safety equipment (first come, first served) that we received from a CHaD grant as well as some ice cream sandwiches. S&W Sports will be providing free bicycle safety checks. More information can be found here.

The DES construction project is continuing to make very steady progress. This week there has been consistent work on the roofing, wiring of fire alarms and other electrical components, as well as the building of walls for the addition. I am expecting to see walls up very soon along the addition and would expect to see roofing throughout as well. The DES staff chose the color scheme for the new siding, which will be shades of gray and blue with white trim. The siding has been ordered as well as the new windows. All of this is very exciting indeed. As the saying goes, many hands make light work. As such, if you have any interest in volunteering to aid in this project, we could use your help in moving boxes and items out of DES into storage pods. If you have an interest in volunteering on June 16th, please contact School Board Member Heather Lalla at so she can get your contact information.

In closing, be on the lookout for your child’s progress report today. If you have a child in Grades 4-6, you are able to log in to Infinite Campus to see your child’s progress. Should you have any questions about his or her progress, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher. Enjoy your weekend.


Owen Harrington