October 9, 2014

Post date: Oct 9, 2014 9:14:53 PM

Dear Parents,

It has certainly been a great start to the fall season! DES is really running on all cylinders and many of the systemic changes we have been working on are making a definite impact. One such change that may need some clarification is the hot lunch process. We have streamlined the process and have posted the menus online. You can access the menu straight from the school website. To make it a bit easier for you we have pasted it here:https://drive.google.com/a/dunbarton.k12.nh.us/file/d/0Bw5Ms53ISsyLUzNOeWJMRlRKMTQ/edit . We have also set it up so your child would order hot lunch in the morning with his or her classroom teacher. I would suggest that you print out the menu and go over it with your child(ren) and circle the meals they would like and then post it somewhere easily visible so you know which days are hot lunch and which days are cold. You do not need to send in any forms indicating such, the classroom teacher will take a count each morning. The only thing you would need to do is make sure there is money on your child’s account; we will handle the rest for you.

We have also been hard at work with a review of our reading instruction. We have mentioned it before, but the basic premise of the review is the use of grade level team meetings to complete grade level curriculum reviews. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this process is the use of vertical (K-3) and (4-6) meetings to discuss our findings and determine if there are any gaps and/or overlap in our reading curriculum. We had our first vertical team meeting for K-3 yesterday. It was an amazing process and we cannot stress enough the level of conversations and the excitement for the process. We are truly making some great progress and the results of this progress will be a direct benefit for the DES students. The end product is going to be a strong and consistent reading curriculum for all students at DES.

We just wanted to remind you that there is no school tomorrow or Monday. We sincerely hope all the students have a great 4-day weekend and have an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful fall season. We also wanted to remind you of the Harlem Wizards coming to Bow High School on October 22nd at 6:30. Feel free to contact the Bow Recreation Department or go online to http://www.harlemwizards.com/homepage.php for tickets.

Again we wish all students and their families a wonderful weekend and please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.


Owen Harrington, Principal

Melissa Romein,Special Education Coordinator

Ginny Hast, School Nurse

Deanna Brown,Administrative Assistant

Kathy McKernan, Administrative Assistant