September 28, 2015

Post date: Oct 5, 2015 11:17:53 AM

Dear Parents,

I apologize for the delay in last week’s newsletter. I do have some brief updates for you this week and trust that this email finds you well, especially with this stellar weather we have had as of late. With that said, it looks like there will be rain in our future. In the event of rain, we do have indoor recess. During indoor recess, students stay in a classroom and are able to chat with friends, draw, play board games among other activities.

Thank you to the Dunbarton PTO for the Autumn Festival. My understanding was the first annual Autumn Festival was well attended and extremely successful. Countless hours of organizing and planning go into all these events and whenever they are a hit, it is a complete win for the school community.

Should you be interested in participating, the Dunbarton School District Wellness Committee will be holding its first meeting on October 26 at 2:45 in the Dunbarton School Library. Please contact Ginny Hast if you are interested in being a member of the committee.

Just a gentle reminder that student drop off is from 7:35 - 7:55 each morning. We understand that sometimes things happen and you may run a little late. Should that happen and you need to drop your child off after 7:55, please escort him or her into the office and sign him or her in. We need to document this in our student information system. Should children be tardy or absent multiple times, you may receive notification from the office expressing concerns.

Just a reminder, we do have an early release day on Wednesday, September 30th with a dismissal at 12:15. For the second half of the day, educators will begin working on competencies for reading. Some staff will be working on emergency plans and others still will be working on special education training. It will be a very productive day.

Update from the Nurse

I am starting to see an increase in sore throats and congestion, usually related to the common cold and/or seasonal allergies. Please remember to send a labeled water bottle daily for your student to help thin those secretions and provide a good night's rest.

There have also been a couple of reports of strep throat, which usually presents quickly with a fever and sore throat. With younger children, there might be complaint of stomach and/or headache. The provider needs to diagnose strep throat and the child will generally be on antibiotics for 24 hours before return to school, unless the provider indicates otherwise.

Please keep in mind that students should be fever free for 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing medications like tylenol or ibuprofen, before return to school. This reduces the spread of disease. I have found that the 24 hour rule is also a good one for other symptoms such as vomiting. Remember, it is a long day for a student who doesn't feel well.

Please remember to give me a call at ext 205 to report any symptoms. It is very helpful for me to know what is going around!

As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns.


Owen Harrington