September 2, 2014

Post date: Sep 2, 2014 1:11:23 PM

Hello Parents and Community Members,

This will be the first of our weekly email communications home. As we move through the school year together, I am hoping you find the information helpful and useful. In this first email my goal is to discuss notes to the office, water bottles, changes to the school, picture day and town voting on September 9th.

Please make sure the office is aware of any changes in dismissal for your child. Ideally this change will be sent to school in the form of a written note. If you need to call with a change, please do so before 2:00 as dismissal in the office is a very busy time. We do understand that emergencies happen and you will, at times, have to call after 2:00, but we would again request that you do your best to refrain from doing so.

Please feel free to send your child to school with a water bottle. The past week has been hot and there have been plenty of thirsty students at DES.

As I alluded to in the opening days letter, we have made some changes in the office. Mrs. McKernan is now in the main office and we hope to have our sign in book in the main office soon as well. You may also notice that we made some changes in office spaces. Our new reading specialist (Deidra Turmelle) has her own office located in the former speech office. Mrs. Eggens and Mrs. Hubbel from the speech office have moved to the former guidance and school psychologist office. Mrs. Routhier (guidance) and Mrs. Beardslee (school psychologist) are now located in the former OT room. Making these moves have allowed for better work spaces for school employees as well as for students. We also moved Mrs. Lunn (OT) to the former teacher workroom so OT is in a more central location and more easily accessible to students.

The town will be voting in the community center on September 9th. I want to assure you that the general public will not have access to the school building as all entrances to the school from the outside and the community center will be locked at all times. Furthermore, there will be a police presence throughout the day here at DES. Students will be served lunch in their classrooms, which will be a change for them, but other than that, school will be normal.

Picture day will be September 19th. Picture packets will be sent home soon and I am sure you will be excited with the pricing structure. We were able to utilize the pricing structure Bow schools has with Lifetouch. I am not sure you are aware, but 20% of the picture proceeds goes back to the schools. I will keep you abreast of what we do with the funds so you know your money is going right back to your children.

I must commend parents, students and staff for a good start to the school year. Although we have had some disruptions in transportation and school dismissal, we are off to a good start. The students are excited to be in school and learning and the staff is excited to be back. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, I would ask that you contact your child’s classroom teacher, contact us in the office or email me at .


Owen Harrington,