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Thank you Dunbarton

Dunbarton Elementary School extends a huge "THANK YOU" to the whole town for supporting the school renovation!

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2018-2019 School Year Calendar

Lynx Therapy dog reading with second grade

Lynx the Therapy Dog is having a great time with 2nd Graders as they perform reader's Theater!

First Snow with 4th grade
First snow for 4th graders

The first big snow of winter made for some playground fun for DES 3rd and 4th Graders.

Lynx the Therapy dog

DES is thrilled to announce that our certified therapy dog Lynx has taken up residency to enhance our socio-emotional learning. Welcome, Lynx!

Contour Pumpkin from Mrs. Johnson's art class

Cyrus shows off his awesome contour pumpkin with pastel from Mrs. Johnson’s art class.

 Kindergarten's ABC Boot Camp Fashion Show!

Aaron and Clifford show off their "N" fashions for the Kindergarten's ABC Boot Camp Fashion Show!

Roots Club

Roots Club helped the Dunbarton Garden Club plant daffodils on the Town Common. The Garden Club has been a big supporter of Dunbarton Elementary School, helping with Roots Club and with the 3rd Grade Gingerbread Project!


We are very happy to announce that the new playground at Dunbarton Elementary School is ready to go for active play!! A huge THANK YOU to the O'Donnelll Insurance Agency of Concord and Manchester for the grant they awarded DES to purchase new playground equipment. We must thank Dan and Michelle Morin and the entire Morin Contracting Services Team for doing an unbelievable job in leading us in this effort, giving their time, machinery, effort, and expertise to this project. They assembled a small army of parent and community volunteers to help with the project.

The Dunbarton PTO will cover all of the extra material costs (perforated pipe, stone, wood chips, etc), which Dan has been tracking. Thank you Dunbarton PTO! Jeff Crosby gave his time and use of his truck while the town provided approximately 50 yards of sand for the site. Woody Bowne and his dedicated staff removed all of the old structures including hundreds of pounds of concrete and steel, which was a significant part of this project.

The PTO’s generous offer, along with the donated time of our volunteers, the donated craftsmanship and equipment of Morin Contracting Services and the two playground grants, means there will be very little cost to the Dunbarton taxpayer. The next step will be to install two more playground pieces when they arrive sometime in October, one will be placed next to the new structure, adjacent to the Gaga Pit, where we have already prepped the site. The other site is TBD.

Cheers to a another great year at DES and to our wonderful community!