Special Education

Laura Landry , Special Education Coordinator

Laura Bailey , Speech & Language Pathologist

Erica Lunn , Registered Occupational Therapist

Jenn Bowser, Psychologist

Jeanette Boisvert , Special Education Case Manager

Kimber Raymond , Special Education Case Manager

Jocelyn Woods , Special Education Case Manager

Our Mission in Special Education... The Special Education Department of the Dunbarton School District provides specially designed instruction and implementation on an individual basis to children with unique needs who require individualized attention or instruction to be successful. Each child is given as much access as possible to the general curriculum so that he or she can meet the educational standards that apply to all children.

SPECIAL EDUCATION in New Hampshire Federal statutes and State standards require that students with educational disabilities receive a free appropriate public education (F.A.P.E.) in the least restrictive environment (LRE). NH Department of Education Special Education Information. Each school district is responsible for identifying children who have a disability that could interfere with their learning and for making accommodations for that child so that they may have access to the general curriculum and be able to participate with regular education students to the maximum extent possible. In the pre-school years, identification is attempted through the district's Child Find program. During the schooling years, identification is customarily a result of a parent or teacher referral, but a referral can be made by anyone who is familiar with the child and is concerned about his/her academic success. Once a referral is made, the Special Education Process begins.